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Batons & Maces

Smith Walbridge Band Products offers a wide selection of maces and batons for drum majors and twirlers.


38 Drum Major Baton
(Formerly known as the American Baton or Traditional Drum Major Baton)
  • 5/8" diameter metal shaft
  • 38" length
  • Your choice of 1-2 cord color(s)

Our price: $127.95
MSRP : $146.75 save 13%

Amazing Mace Cord for Batons and Maces
  • Available in red, blue, black, white, green, and gold
  • Ships direct from supplier in CA

Our price: $17.95

Amazing Mace-Drum Major Mace
SKU: AM-58
  • Durable
  • More resistant to breakage at the ferrule
  • Reinforced user replaceable dome
  • Now available with cords!

Our price: $249.95