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Super Drillmasters Marching Band Shoes
Researched, developed, and performance tested by the DCI world champion Blue Devils, who went undefeated in 2009 using this shoe.
Important! Be careful to not reference "street shoe" size when ordering this product. Many brands can vary in size. Please refer to the sizing guide included in the More Images tab. This suggestion is not a guarantee of desired fit, as every foot size and shape is different. Our return policy is in the Terms and Conditions and FAQ- please read before ordering.

Product Information
  • Super wide outsole with unique lateral support stabilizers
  • Achilles tendon/ heel-lock, athletic grade (plush) ankle collar
  • Engineered tread pattern. Wet/dry super stick sole compound
  • Dance-shoe design- Split Sole- shows off elegant foot articulation
  • Full shoe absorbent padding. Super cushy sock lining. 100% blister proof
  • Patented Rolled Heel proven to improve marching
  • Unique sole Forefront HINGE facilitates "toes up" & "ball of foot" flex
  • Finest durable materials yet lightweight/low-mass construction
  • Replacement GUARANTEE against manufacturing defects
  • Men's Sizes: 3 - 10 1/2, full and half sizes
  • Men's Wide Sizes: 11 - 16, full sizes
  • Women's Sizes: 5 - 12 1/2, full and half sizes
  • Women's Wide Sizes: 13 - 18, full sizes;
  • Colors: Black and White
  • Refer to the Sizing Guide in the More Images tab before making your purchase

Save Money For Your Group Order Bundling Service

If you are placing a single bulk order for your entire group, you do not need an online code. Shipping charges are correctly figured upon checkout.

If your group requires individuals to purchase their shoes separately, they will end up paying a higher shipping cost for one pair of shoes. However, the cost to ship multiple shoe pairs in a single shipment is cheaper when averaged out per pair. We can set up an online group code so that the group can split the shipping costs. The group members can order and pay for their shoes online, and each order will get staged into one shipment. A shipping adjustment will be made upon checkout, saving them the cost of shipping their shoes individually. Call for more details

Minimum order of 12 pairs required to set up code. Only available for Continental US shipments.

SKU DM-002
Weight 2.40 lbs
Price: $39.95
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