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Sound Projections SM-5D Dual Digital 60 Channel Wireless Headset Package with Bluetooth
On backorder until mid-October 2021

The Sound Machine 5 is the ideal portable sound system for marching band directors, auctioneers, fire/police/rescue, and outdoor public address. The Sound Machine can deliver approximately 126db, which is almost twice the perceived loudness of a car alarm. A 1" titanium compression tweeter and 10" Eminence woofer ensures the best fidelity for both speech and music. The newly added Lithium Iron Phosphate battery is rated for 2000 charge-recharge cycles, compared to 200 on a lead acid battery. Call and ask for our PA specialist if you have any questions

This system is different from the UHF version as it has a wireless Digital Receiver, which operates outside of the bands that are shared with TV stations. If you reside in a metropolitan area or travel to various locations, UHF can sometimes be unreliable. Digital receivers do have a shorter range than UHF (about 50-100 feet less). If you are unsure on whether UHF or Digital will work best for your situation, please feel free to call an ask for a PA specialist.

IMPORTANT! Digital Receivers are on nationwide back-order until July 2021. You may order now, and we will ship when the parts arrive.

Package Includes:
  • (2) OPT-51D: Built-in Shure 60-channel digital wireless systems with auto scan
  • OPT-500 built-in Bluetooth MP3 player
  • (2) MIC-HB2a: Headset boom microphones
  • (1) SS-2 speaker stand
  • (1) TB-1 speaker stand tote bag

Product Information

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  • Rugged one-piece molded enclosure
  • Built-in amplifier with 200 watts total power
  • Three band EQ and VoicePower switch optimize sound for indoor or outdoor use
  • 10" Eminence woofer and 1" titanium compression driver
  • Up to 126db  loudness
  • "Talkover" button automatically lowers program material when speaking on microphone (may be turned on or off)
  • Built-in Shure dual wireless microphone system, 60-channels with auto scan
  • Multiple microphone and line level inputs
  • Built-in Lithium Iron Phosphate battery (4-8 hours) or AC power
  • Universal 110-240 VAC power output
  • Metal stand mount fits 1.5" speaker stands
  • Extended Life Battery upgrade adds up to 30% more battery life per charge
  • 3 year battery warranty
  • 6 Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Upgrades and accessories available. Call our PA specialist for more details


  • 2 Mic level XLR (balanced)
  • 1 Line level XLR (balanced)
  • 1 Line level XLR (balanced)
  • 1 MP3/CD level, dual RCA


  • 1 Line level XLR (balanced)
  • 1 Line level, 1/4" phone
  • 1 tape level, dual RCA
  • 1 speaker output

Bodypack Microphone System
Size: 23" x 15" x 13" (59 x 38 x 33 cm)
PA Unit Weight: 32 lbs
Total Package Weight: 60 lbs.

Weight 60.00 lbs
Price: $4540.00
Extended Life Battery Option

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