Plume Case Cart
Transport your plume cases with ease using these specially made, collapsible, carts from Director's Showcase.
Product Information
  • Lightweight, yet sturdy, aluminum upright with high impact 10" x 10" plastic platform and handle
  • Pictured with the inserted 18 in.  63-piece Plume Case (not included)
  • Telescoping, 41" tall handle upright and folding platform allow cart to fully collapse for easy storage
  • Heavy-duty 3" plastic wheel guards
  • Plume cases do not have to be removed from cart to access plumes
  • Carries up to two 101 pc. plume cases
IMPORTANT! Only the 18" 63 piece Plume Case has a sewn in luggage handle strap. All other plume cases will require a bungee cord or similar to attach to cart handle.

Weight 5.00 lbs
Price: $38.50