Brillo Color Spray

Product Information

  • Meltonian Nu-Life is no longer made. This is our recommended replacement
  • Click the more images tab for additional photos and color chart
  • Change the color of your footwear for a complete custom look
  • TIP:  Use nail polish remover to strip away all the dirt and grime to ensure a solid bond of shoe spray.
  • Coverage per can depends on coverage area and thickness
  • After some use, shoes may require touch ups
  • Size: 4.5 ounce can
  • Click here to see application video

Helpful Hints! Clean shoes thoroughly with nail polish remover with a lint-free cloth before applying shoe spray. After cleaning, read and follow instructions listed on shoe spray for best results. Allow shoes to dry 24 hours before wearing.

Due to regulations, this product must be shipped via UPS Ground

Weight 0.90 lbs
Price: $11.95

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