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Moveable Acrylic Barrier
Product Description

This portable barrier provides a screen for applications where additional safety is needed with personal interactions. Ideal for teachers at entrances and exits, hallway monitors, Security, and administration/support staff. Other applications could include retail, government facilities, stage/sound, and more

Product Information
  • Designed for portability - a mobile barrier that can be placed at contact points
  • Ideal for protecting people who are standing, but can also roll under a desk or table
  • Can withstand daily sanitizing
  • Designed to fit through and under standard institutional doorways, without removing center bar
  • Easy to maintain - acrylic can be easily replaced, hardware is common in case of loss
  • Easy to assemble or disassemble (only 4 bolts)
  • Barrier can be disassembled for flat storage, or "nest" together for assembled storage
  • Easy to move, but durable construction
  • Shield is a rigid .25" thickness acrylic
  • 4" Industrial casters with wheel brakes for uneven surfaces
  • Powder coated for a superior, long lasting finish
  • 78" total height. 48" by 66" barrier surface
  • Ships in 3-4 weeks

$575 (qty 1-2), $560 (qty 3-7), $551(qty 8 or more)


Detailed images

Moveable social distance screen and barrier acrylic