Geometry Tunic Collection
The Geometry Collection adds a modern and artistic vibe to our custom color guard uniform line. Geometry tunics, pants and hoodie combinations are offered in 8 different colors with the option to add coordinating pants, cuffs, and binding.
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Product Information
  • Click on more images tab for size chart and additional photos
  • Minimum order of 4 pieces per style per color
  • Additional charge of $12 per piece for chest sizes 46-50; waist sizes 39-43.
  • Geometry Collection pieces are custom made and can not be returned or exchanged. All sales final.
  • Coordinating pants sold separately:  Dance pants (DSI-GUPADL) or Flared Boot Leg Pants (DSI-GUPAFBL)
  • Ships in 4 -6 weeks; and 8-10 weeks during August and September 
Product Pricing & Options
Tunic # 1 (no stripe) -  SKU: GUGETU1  -   $70.25
Tunic # 2 (stripe) -  SKU: GUGETU2 -    $76.75
Sleeveless Metallic Lycra Tank -  SKU: GUGETAS $28.50
Sleeveless Hoodie Unisex - SKU:  GUGEHOS -  $65.50
Long Sleeve Hoodie Unisex - SKU:  GUGEHOL - $75.75
Undertop, Long Sleeve, Matte Lycra - SKU:  GUGEULS -  $34.75
Black Flared Boot Leg Pants -  SKU: GUPAFBL  - $49.50
Metallic Binding (per 3 yd) - SKU: GAGEMBD -  $10.00
Geometry Cuffs (pair)-  SKU: GAGECU -  $12.00

See separate listing on our website for Geometry Unitards!

Capri Unitard - SKU: GUGEUNCA -  $94.50
Black Flare Bootleg Unitard (waist 21-37) - SKU: GUGEUNBL - $106.75
  Important! Please review your sizing and specifications before checking out.  Once your order is submitted for fabrication, it cannot be changed or cancelled. Ship dates are approximate and are not a promissory date of delivery.
Weight 1.00 lbs
Price: $70.25
Tunic Style
Tunic Size
Tunic Color
Trim Color
Geometry Cuffs Color (per pair)
Metallic Binding (per 3-yard strip)
Sleeveless Metallic Lycra Tank Size
Sleeveless Hoodie Unisex Size
Long Sleeve Unisex Hoodie Size
Sleeveless Unisex Hoodie Color
Long Sleeve Unisex Hoodie Color
Black Flared Boot Leg Pants

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