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Director's Showcase Crossover Marching Shoe

The Crossover is developed specifically for marching bands, drum corps, and indoor percussion. Normal athletic shoes are not designed for the marching movements, so this shoe was developed by a foot doctor to meed the demands of high performance marching. The result is a modern design that is comfortable and can help prevent injuries. Check out the testimonials in this video
Important! Be careful when referencing "street shoe" size when ordering this product. Many brands can vary in size. We suggest that you refer to your measured shoe size on a Brannock device (at most shoe stores) with socks on. This suggestion is not a guarantee of desired fit, as every foot size and shape is different. Our return policy is in the Terms and Conditions and FAQ- please read before ordering.

Product Information
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  • Xtreme Tendon FitŪ in the midfoot which provides support and stability
  • Canvas toe box and breathable mesh upper
  • StabilŪ heel cup
  • Extra athletic-style eyelet for narrow feet.
  • Thick, cushioned insole and heel cup for superior comfort and support
  • Xtreme Tendon Fit stitched directly into the sole of the shoe and integrates into the laces for maximum support and stability, which can help prevent injuries.
  • Check out the shoe features in this video

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If your group requires individuals to purchase their shoes separately, they will end up paying a higher shipping cost for one pair of shoes. However, the cost to ship multiple shoe pairs in a single shipment is cheaper when averaged out per pair. We can set up an online group code so that the group can split the shipping costs. The group members can order and pay for their shoes online, and each order will get staged into one shipment. A shipping adjustment will be made upon checkout, saving them the cost of shipping their shoes individually. Call for more details

Minimum order of 12 pairs required to set up code. Only available for Continental US shipments.
Weight 2.35 lbs
Price: $50.95

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Crossover Marching shoe sole DSI Crossover Marching Shoes