Color Guard Shoes & Boots

Color guard and dance footwear from StylePlus, Director's Showcase, and Dinkles.


Director's Showcase Ever-Jazz Color Guard Shoes
  • The first washable jazz shoe designed for color guard
  • Form fitting with a durable sole
  • Available in black or tan
  • Unisex sizing

Our price: $34.95
MSRP : $35.95 save 3%

Style Plus Breast Cancer Awareness Shoe Laces
SKU: SP-LACE727-745
  • Minimum order of 12
  • Pink marching band or color guard shoe laces
  • Available in 2 lengths
  • A portion of proceeds goes to Breast Cancer research

Our price: $1.45

StylePlus Kulerswift- Guard Shoes
SKU: SP-5500
  • Flexible Protected Arch
    Protected split-sole safe for outdoor use
    Leather and neoprene upper for maximum breath-ability and flexibility

Our price: $41.50
MSRP : $44.50 save 7%

StylePlus Impulse- Guard Shoes
SKU: SP-1600-1625-1650
  • The Impulse guard shoe gives you the same flexibility and movement of a split-sole without sacrificing durability.
  • Perfect guard shoe for indoor or outdoor use

Our price: $29.95
MSRP : $34.95 save 14%

StylePlus Prowler- Guard Shoes
SKU: SP-3225-3250
  • The largest size selection of any guard shoe in the country.
  • Available in children's sizes
  • Leather and canvas upper
  • Non-marking rubber sole

  • Our price: $35.75
    MSRP : $38.50 save 7%

    Dinkles The Stinger- Guard Shoes
    SKU: UF-805-806-807
    • A full leather jazz shoe that makes your frontline look good.
    • Available in 3 colors
    • Rubber sole for superior traction

    Our price: $22.95
    MSRP : $27.95 save 18%

    Dinkles Accent- Guard shoes
    SKU: UF-3007
    • Genuine Suede Leather with polyurethane sole pads
    • Easy to clean
    • Sizes 5-14 Women's and 3-12 Men's

    Our price: $39.95

    Dinkles Spin- Guard shoes
    SKU: UF-206-207
    • Leather indoor or outdoor colorguard shoe
    • $5 off tan (taken off at checkout)

    Our price: $24.95
    MSRP : $29.95 save 17%

    StarLite2 - Dance and Guard Shoes
    • The second generation of the Starlite that can be worn outdoors.
    • Sole is sewn to upper for increased durability
    • Now available in wide sizes

    Our price: $27.25
    MSRP : $29.25 save 7%

    StylePlus Balance - Guard Shoes
    SKU: SP-7550-7525

    • Soft, supple vinyl.
    • Front side and heel wings on sole to protect upper on rough surfaces.
    • Grid sole to prevent slipping on wet surfaces.

    Our price: $27.95
    MSRP : $32.25 save 13%

    StylePlus Ballare Shoes
    SKU: SP-1350-1375
    • Cushioned innersole, a reinforced, durable strap with matching buckle to ensure a secure fit
    • Available in black leather or black patent (shiny)

    Our price: $27.25
    MSRP : $32.75 save 17%

    StylePlus Fame Character Pump Shoes
    SKU: SP-3925-3950
    • Elegance has a new name.

    Our price: $38.50
    MSRP : $39.95 save 4%

    StylePlus Releve Platinum Color Guard Shoes
    SKU: SP-8750-8725
    • Neoprene expands around your foot for easy slip-on
    • Accommodates wide widths
    • Designed to be worn indoor and outdoor.

    Our price: $28.95
    MSRP : $35.50 save 18%

    StylePlus Releve- Dance and Guard Shoes
    SKU: SP-8550-8525
    • Split-sole slip on dance shoe with arch protection.
    • Padded inner-sole
    • Designed to be worn indoor and outdoor.

    Our price: $27.95
    MSRP : $32.25 save 13%

    StylePlus S Five Color Guard Shoes
    • Raised toe box & wing supplies phalangeal support
    • Machine Washable


    Our price: $28.50
    MSRP : $37.99 save 25%

    Dinkles Holly Knee Majorette Boots
    SKU: UF-1005
    • A full-length knee boot that not only looks great, but provides the optimum in comfort, flexibility and safety.
    • Popular with color guard groups, dance teams, and majorettes

    Our price: $37.95
    MSRP : $41.95 save 10%

    Dinkles Stacie- Majorette Boots
    SKU: UF-2005
    • A majorette and color guard boot with comfort and style
    • Easy clean vinyl

    Our price: $32.95
    MSRP : $34.95 save 6%

    StylePlus Colored Tassels for Traditional Majorette Boot

    • Available in Maroon, Orange, Kelly Green, Gold, White, Royal Blue, Red, Black
    • Designed for the StylePlus Traditional Majorette Boot

    Our price: $4.50

    StylePlus Traditional-Majorette Boots (Leather)
    SKU: SP-1225-Leather
    • Leather traditional majorette boot (available in white only)
    • Colored tassels available as an option
    • Soles are durable, and will not melt or become unglued like cheaper brands

    Our price: $59.95
    MSRP : $69.75 save 14%

    StylePlus Traditional-Majorette Boots (vinyl) BLACK -
    SKU: SP-1220-BLACK
    • Vinyl traditional majorette boot
    • Available in children's sizes
    • Colors: BLACK

    Our price: $47.95
    MSRP : $53.99 save 11%

    StylePlus Traditional-Majorette Boots (vinyl) WHITE
    SKU: SP-1200-WHITE
    • Vinyl traditional majorette boot
    • Color: WHITE

    Our price: $47.95
    MSRP : $53.99 save 11%

    StylePlus Nancy Majorette Boots
    SKU: SP-1250-1275
    • The Nancy boot is the ultimate in high fashion for color guard and dance
    • The good value quality knee high vinyl guard boot

    Our price: $45.95
    MSRP : $60.50 save 24%

    StylePlus Paramount- Guard and Dance Boots
    SKU: SP-P2450
    •  Full grain soft glove leather boot
    • Finely constructed for snug fit
    • A non-marking, flexible sole

    Our price: $52.95
    MSRP : $59.95 save 12%

    Brillo Color Spray
    • Change the color of your footwear for a complete custom look
    • Over 40 colors available
    • Minimum order of 12


    Our price: $11.95

    Brillo Shoe Spray: Black, White, Champagne
    • Change the color of your footwear for a complete custom look
    • Colors: Black, White or Champagne in stock and ready to ship
    • No minimum order


    Our price: $11.95

    Moneysworth & Best Brillo Shoe Color Preparer
    • Removes all wax, dirt and grime with ease.
    • Recommended to be used before applying Brillo Color Spray to ensure proper adherence.

    Our price: $8.25