Angelica Concert Robe
Product Description

Made-to-order, tailored, gender-neutral, single colored v-neck robe can be worn over existing outfit.  Made of formal machine-fluted fabric from the shoulders down and across the back with open even sleeves and fully pressed front pleats. Many customization options are possible: You pick a robe. Pick a stole.  Add your logo or art.  Optional stoles and custom embroidery or art are priced separately. Proudly made in Philadelphia, PA. with top quality components, including zippers and padding. CALL to ORDER.

Click on  More Images for Color Chart, Size chart, Customization Instructions and Stole Pairing Options.  Allow 12 weeks for production after order placement.
  • Gender neutral, machine washable, durable fabric can be worn year after year.
  • Less sizing hassles. Pleated front design fits up to a 64” body circumference or larger.
  • Robes can be stored at school or organization.
  • Optional reversible stoles can be embroidered on either one side or both sides. (This robe pairs well with stoles:  Harmony (S10),  Lyra (S11) and  Sonata (S12). See More Images.
  • A popular embroidery option is to use your schools’ name initials. Some schools also opt for a single large varsity style letter. We offer 21 font choices. If you need us to design something custom, please give us a call to discuss.  See More Images for Customization Options.
  • Add your organization’s logo or mascot to your robe or stole. Just send us a vector file of your artwork (.eps or .ai) file format. We can often work with a pdf as well. If you don’t have this type of file, we can create one for you (price based on complexity of logo.) Logo embroidery pricing starts at $15 per logo. Call for a quote.
  • Fabric sample swatches are available in poly poplin - satin available upon request.
  • We can send you a sample robe and stole in the correct style. We require a school PO or credit card on file to secure our sample while you have it. Your card will only be charged if we do not receive the sample robe and stole back.
  • Pricing is for a 25-robe minimum on initial order; 10-piece minimum on repeat orders.
  • Process takes 12 weeks from the time design is finalized and we receive payment.  An approval sample will be sent before we proceed with production. 

Weight 1.00 lbs

Detailed images

Customization_Info_Cousins_Robes Angelica_Robe_Customization_Various Robe_Sizing_Chart_Cousins Cousins_Choir_Robe_Color_Options S10_Harmony_Stole_Cousins_Robes S11_Lyra_Stole_Cousins_Robes S12_Sonata_Stole_Cousins_Robes Robe_Font_Choices_by_number Robe_Stole_Font_Full_Alphabets Stock_Art_for_Embroidery_Robes_Cousins Add_Logo_or_Mascot_to_Robe_or_Stole Robe_Washing_and_Care_Instructions