Acme Thunderer® Whistle
We have been running drum major camps since 1949, so we ought to know a good whistle when we hear one. We feel that the Acme Thunderer® is the best whistle for field use. This whistle is the industry standard for coaches, drum majors, and referees. Don't fall for cheaper imitations because you will "get what you pay for."
Product Information
  • Nickel-plated
  • Model 60.5 (small, high, and loud)
  • Waterproof speed pea works in rainstorms
  • Easy blow-instant response
  • The latest high tech research & development has created the advanced modern Thunderer
  • Independent laboratory tests have confirmed that it our performs even the closest copies.
  • Used in NFL, FIFA, Olympics and many other world class leagues
  • Due to health regulations, opened or tampered whistle packages are not returnable. 
  • Lanyards are available in single colors only. For a dual color appearance, order a second lanyard separately.

Weight 0.20 lbs
Price: $8.99
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