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Upgrade Your PYWARE 3D Basic to Version 9


High schools, colleges and universities as well as drum corps worldwide depend on Pyware 3D for their designing needs. 3D offers the most highly advanced design features as well as the interactive Performer's Practice Tools, the software hundreds of marching ensembles depend on to get their show on the field as quickly as possible.
3D has not only been a staple item for High School and College Bands, but it has been used in special events such as Super Bowl half time shows, the Olympics Opening and Closing Ceremonies, over 90% of all college bowl games, major parades, movies such as "Drumline," and even on Broadway and halftime performances in EA Sports NCAA Football 10.
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3D Basic Features:
  • Virtual Clinic
  • Stride Analyzer
  • Graphs stride per count
  • Height of performers can be entered in the Cast List
  • Collision Analyzer
  • Continuity Analyzer
  • Graphs big jumps in animation per count
  • Selection History Tool
  • Push Tool defaults
  • Symbol Map Editor for mapping symbols to a figurine.
  • Grid Designer
  • Automatic backup
  • Safe Save
  • starts at $249
  • upgrade any version lower than 5 at the same price as a v6 upgrade to v9 upgrade
New For Version 9
  • Proximity match- new matching option that matches positions from the new form based on the performer's distance (proximity) between forms
  • New interface that can be scaled for ease on small & large resolution displays
  • New Props- work easily with multiple props and maneuver props just like you would performers
  • Stagger tool- set performers to step-off/drop-off at count of the transition and set the duration eat performer should take to complete the maneuver
  • Focal points can be set on the field, prop, or performer for all selected performers to face to and/or away from
  • 'Rise over run' interval options- line diagonals can be set to a graph format
  • New audio sync options- tap beginning and end count for audio. 3D will evenly apply counts in the drill file to the audio file
  • Resync from X count- new option to resync after a certain count
Hardware Requirements
1.6Ghz or greater (Dual Core Processor Recommended)
2 GB of RAM (Suggested 4GB Ram)
Mac OS X (10.5 Leopard, 10.6 Snow Leopard, Java 1.6) Operating System or Windows XP, Vista, 7
Weight 1.50 lbs
Price: $249.00
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