Transpack Hard Case Jet
Product Description
This transport solution was originally designed for snowboarders and skiers, but we discovered that this product also works great for flag poles and other guard equipment. The case is adjustable from 47" to 76" and has low profile wheels for smooth and easy transport.
Product Information
  • Securely transports flag poles and other guard equipment.
  • Carries approximately 50 poles with stock caps and no flag
  • Carries approximately 28 poles with rubber caps and flags
  • Adjustable length accommodates poles and equipment from 47" to 76".
  • Front handle ergonomically designed to comfortably hold the case while rolling.
  • Variable length locking system allows for both a 1/4 hitch pin and TSA lock at the same time.
  • Rugged low profile wheels.
  • Molded handles offer easy lifting.
  • Easy pull O-ring to comfortably disengage inner case.
  • Closed cell foam padding at top and bottom protect tips and tails.
  • Internal side straps allow you to secure your poles to case.
  • Included: 4 web straps with clips for holding poles togetherIncluded: 2 side straps to secure poles
  • Industrial strength web and components.
  • Top dimensions: 13.25 x 9 x 47
  • Bottom dimensions: 12.5 x 7.75 x 41.5
  • Shipping weight is approximately 20 pounds
Weight 20.00 lbs
Price: $199.95
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