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The Marching Band Member Wellness Program
Product Description
The Marching Band Member Wellness (MBMW) program is a comprehensive marching band fitness and wellness program professionally designed for use by college and high school competitive or show bands. This research-based program provides structured static and dynamic stretch routines, as well as instrument group- specific strength routines, complete with audiovisual cues for their implementation. The MBMW program also offers educational resources for nutrition, hydration, along with information on footwear and injury prevention and performing in heat & cold stress environments. 
Many of its concepts and findings were presented at the 2013 CBDNA symposium, and the program has since been purchased for use by well-established bands at large universities such as Nebraska, Alabama, and Cal Poly. 
Buyers of the MBMW program will receive the 2-disc DVD package along with email password qualification as a “Marching Band Insider” allowing them to automatically view or download all materials from the site.
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Program License Pricing:
$295 - High School
$395- College
Weight 1.00 lbs
Price: $295.00
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