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Director's Showcase  Color Guard Flag Poles - 5 ft to 6 ft length
Important! Select these poles when ordering any flags or products from Director's Showcase (DSI). DSI flags will have a "SKU" or "DSI" in the product number. Doing this will allow the poles to ship from the same warehouse, avoiding extra shipping and handling charges. 
  • All 1" poles feature end caps (black on black poles, white on all others)
  • Pole weight anchors and weights available for an additional charge
  • Click on the more images tab for pole weighting suggestions
  • Poles come with stock plastic caps attached
  • Each pole comes with two hook fastener strips.
  • Aluminum Colors: White, Black, Silver, Gold
  • Lengths: 5', 5 ', 6'*
  • Call for shipping quote when ordering multiple quantities
  • Custom lengths available for an extra $1 per pole- call
  • IM PORTANT! If you are ordering anchors and weights for your DSI pole, you will need to add rubber caps as an option
* for 6.5' through 8' lengths, see SKU: DSI-FLAGPL2

Note: UPS applies an extra surcharge on all flagpole boxes due to the tall dimensions, regardless of quantity ordered.

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Weight 1.10 lbs
Price: $9.95
Pole Options
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Optional Weight Anchors
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Optional Bottom Weight Length
Optional Rubber Caps
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