All American Drum Major Mace
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Due to holiday volume- allow 4-7 days to ship Orders placed after December 16th will not ship until week of January 3rd Click the more images tab for color options Our most popular mace for Drum Majors 1" tapering down to a 5/8" shaft 58" long (custom length available-$30 labor charge) Shaft Color: White, Black, Royal Blue, Red, or Woodlook Chain Color: Silver OR 2 colored cords *the manufacturer for these maces has stopped carrying brass/gold maces Dome Color: Silver Comes with performance eagle tip AND practice dome tip    Please note that maces with cords are made-to-order, and are considered a non-returnable custom order.  10% restocking fee on returned chain maces UPS charges an additional $10.50 oversize box fee for this item Allow 2-7 business days to ship.
Note:  Shortening available upon request at an additional cost. Call to order.   Shortened Maces ARE NOT RETURNABLE.  Shortening will add approximately 2-3 extra days to processing time. 
  • 54"-57": $35.50
  • 49"-53":$50.00
Important! Due to the nature of this product's use, this item does not carry a warranty from the manufacturer. Any defects must be reported upon delivery of item. Repair service and shipping are the responsibility of the purchaser.
Product Tips (please read before use)
Chain: Chains are least likely to break when kept slightly loose. Maces arrive from the factory with very tight chains and they will break if not stretched. This can be accomplished through a few days of gentle use or by gently pulling them. The chain will continue to stretch indefinitely throughout the life of a mace. To tighten, use guard or electrical tape by the bolts on the top and bottom of the mace.
Cords:  Cords will need to be rewrapped every few months. They are a cloth material that absorbs sun screen, sweat, and oil from hands. They need to be replaced periodically. 
Crown/Eagle:  Keep it snug, but not overly tight.  If its too tight or loose it can strip the threads when the mace is dropped.
Dome:  Domes very rarely dent when dropped on grass or astroturf. Hard surfaces can damage the dome and mace with a single drop. It is best to spin conservatively during parades (or not at all).
Shaft:  The shaft of the mace is made of fiberglass and arrives from the factory stiff. It becomes more pliable with use. New maces need to be spun gently in their first few days of use.

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